Cheap Feathers To Save You Money

If you need to create something with feathers, but are on a limited budget, then our range of cheap feathers may work for you.

When we take delivery of our feathers there a usually a few that fall short of our high standards.  These feathers have minor defects so we set them aside so we can offer them at bargain prices.  These feathers are especially popular for use in fancy dress costumes, centrepieces and also with fishermen who use them in their fishing ties.

These cheap feathers sell well so when stocks are gone, we need to wait until our next delivery before we can list any more.  We can never predict what is going to be in here!

Take a look at the categories below and it will tell you what is reduced, and why.

Why choose us?

What keeps our customers returning to us time-and-time again?

  • We are an established company with a great reputation.  We're known for sending only the best quality feathers to our clients so their creations make an impact.
  • We have national recognition after appearing on film and television.  In 2015 alone we had our feathers used on Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing and, Emmerdale.
  • All our feathers are individually hand-selected.  We check our premium feathers to make sure they have full bodies, even colour and are free from damage.  You're not just purchasing feathers when you choose us - you're getting great customer service too.
  • Same day shipping is available for time critical orders.  Otherwise, our competitive standard shipping prices keep your costs to a minimum.
  • Personalised dyeing service.  If you need a colour that we don't stock, chances are we can do it anyway!  Just get in touch with us for a quote.

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