Feather Trees For Elegant Centrepieces

These feather trees make charming centrepieces on any table. All are hand-made by our friend in China using real feathers. They're unbelievably cute, and are sure to become a talking point!

Why choose us?

What keeps our customers returning to us time-and-time again?

  • We are an established company with a great reputation.  Our feather trees are individually checked before dispatch to ensure they are great quality. 
  • We have national recognition after appearing on film and television.  In 2015 alone we had our feathers used on Big Brother, Strictly Come Dancing and, Emmerdale.
  • Same day shipping is available for time critical orders.  Otherwise, our competitive standard shipping prices keep your costs to a minimum.

  • Goose Feather Tree

    Goose Feather Tree

    These trees are made with goose coquille feathers. They white trees have a small sprinkling of glitt..

    £5.50 £10.99

    Rooster Feather Tree

    Rooster Feather Tree

    This tree is made from rooster hackle and decorated with peacock feathers. It measures 14" in height..

    £6.50 £12.99

    Turkey Feather Tree

    Turkey Feather Tree

    These trees are made with turkey marabou feathers. They're a lovely soft feather and feel silky to t..

    £4.50 £8.99

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