Save Up To 20% Off All Your Pheasant Feathers

If you need a regular supply of pheasant feathers, then you may be interested in signing up for a wholesale account?  You will get a 15% discount off all your orders if you spend over £100, or a massive 20% if you spend over £250.  There is no minimum order for trade accounts, but discounts will only be applied on purchases over £100.

Our wholesale pheasant feathers are the same excellent quality feather we supply to retail customers.  Available from a wide variety of birds, we can supply feathers suitable for all occasions.  

Getting registered is simple.  Just visit our account registration page, and when completing the form, confirm that you are buying for a business.  We will then run a few checks at our end and, once approved, we will activate your account so you can start buying your pheasant feathers at wholesale rates.

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